We find some of the best places in the Inland Northwest to camp.

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Merit Badges

Need to know which badges are being taught or how to find a counselor for one that was already taught? This is the place!

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Historian Reports

We are an active troop. Take a look at past trips with details on how each went.

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Webelos Activities

Troop 313 has a program to help Webelos transition to Boy Scouts. Let us know how we can help your pack or den.

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Summer Camp

Learn more about our Summer Camp plans and how you can join us!

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High Adventure

High Adventure; First Class boys and higher exploring on bikes, hikes & boats

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Our Troop calendar in Google Calendar format - review here or link it to your own Google Calendar.


This is your one-stop-shop for all things from Scout rank to Eagle Scout rank, including what merit badges are currently offered.


Selling popcorn allows Scouts to earn their own way - 30% of sales is applied to your sons 2018 Troop Dues. Learn more!

Mary Pegg

Mary Pegg has been the Troop Mom for many years. Her dedication and passion for the boys is an inspiration to us all.

“You say that you’re an Eagle, and automatically people expect more from you. And that will continue throughout your life. Eagles are special. They’ve already shown perseverance, they’ve shown leadership qualities, and they’ve shown the ability to get things done, to accomplish things.” Gary Locke, former Governor of Washington and Eagle Scout